About Us

G+P Capital:

Founded 2014 and based in Edinburgh we have build a great experienced team with strength and depth in international investment consulting. We follow one goal: Creating highly specialised finance strategies for our private clients by capitalising on great new chances in the european investment landscape.


»However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.«

- Sir Winston Churchill 1874-1965, English statesman -

Choose Europe

Choose Safety

Cut Costs

Europe offers more

For your lasting profit increase we combine the variety of european investments and the strength of multiple national markets.

Absolute Return

The best capital protection is taking the safe way and ignoring risky speculation. Permanent profit increase and compound interest effect lead to real value.

Cost Management

Costs reduce your profit! We help to reduce costs dramatically. No expensive board members salaries or bankers bonuses influence your return.

About Our Team

Karsten Gerke

Founder & CEO

Investor Relations
Based in Munich / Germany

contact: k.gerke@gp-capital.co.uk

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Investing with us feels like a perfect round of golf

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